Cox Urgent Care Save My Spot (2024)

1. Save My Spot | Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinics - CoxHealth

  • East Battlefield · Urgent Care Ozark · Walk-In Clinic Republic · Urgent Care Nixa

  • Spend less time waiting in line when you're feeling under the weather. Choose a location and time, complete a simple form, and wait from the comfort of your home.

2. 24/7 Urgent Care Plus Springfield: Turner Center - CoxHealth

  • 24/7 Urgent Care Plus Springfield: Turner Center. To hold your spot in line, please complete the Save My Spot form. View additional times by clicking on ...

  • Complete this form to save your spot in line at the Urgent Care Plus at the Turner Center in Springfield.

3. [PDF] Save My Spot

  • Save My Spot is an online scheduling tool that allows you to hold your place in line at participating walk-in clinics and urgent care locations. You can join ...

4. 24/7 Urgent Care Update - Cox Health Plans

5. Save my Spot Service Available for Cox Urgent Care -

  • 5 apr 2018 · The online service is called “Save My Spot“. It allows patients to call ahead and book an appointment for urgent care, and makes sure they get ...

  • SPRINGFIELD — The “Save My Spot” service allows you to book an appointment for your urgent care visits at CoxHealth.

6. [PDF] SAVE MY SPOT - American Hospital Association

  • 6-hospital health system based in Springfield, Mo. • Serves 24 counties in Missouri. • 238,000 ER, urgent care and trauma visits. • 80 clinics with 959,000 ...

7. Innovative Technology and New Urgent Care Locations Provide the ...

  • Over at CoxHealth, the hospital has introduced Save My Spot, a convenient way to spend less time in the waiting room in its urgent care and walk-in clinics.

  • CoxHealth’s Save My Spot technology, a new Neosho walk-in clinic and Mercy Go Health Urgent Care locations have made access to quick care in 417-land less complicated.

8. Walk in to your Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care in Springfield, MO

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  • Find an urgent care center near you in Springfield, MO with Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care for world-class care. Check-in online or walk-in for a visit today.

9. Get the Right Care, Right Now - Thinking Health Forward

  • 27 aug 2021 · ... clinic? Cox HealthPlans members can take advantage of Save my Spot, a way to “wait in line” from the comfort of home. Urgent Care Clinics:.

  • Don’t know where to go after your Primary Care Physician office closes? As a valued Cox HealthPlans member, we are offering after-hours care options to make your health care as convenient as possible.

10. Should I go to Urgent Care or Emergency Room? What you need ...

  • 8 mei 2023 · Both Cox and Mercy also ...

  • What are the differences between urgent care and an emergency room when it comes to seeking treatment? Here are some things you should know.

11. Wait times - Save your spot - Dayton Children's Hospital

  • healthcare options. wait times. Dayton Children's emergency, urgent care and express care centers are the only centers in the Dayton region that are fully ...

  • when should I call 911?

12. CoxHealth Urgent Care in Monett will... - Cox Monett Hospital

  • 2 jul 2021 · CoxHealth Urgent Care in Monett will be open regular hours on July 4 and July 5. As a reminder, Save my Spot is a great option to save your ...

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13. Mercy Urgent Care - Branson Highway 248

  • At Mercy's Urgent Care Clinic - Branson Highway 248, you can walk in without an appointment and get the medical attention you need at a lower cost and with a ...

  • Learn more about the medical services offered by Mercy Urgent Care - Branson Highway 248. Find contact information, location details, available providers and more.

Cox Urgent Care Save My Spot (2024)


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