How Much Does FTMO Challenge Cost? | Stay At Home Trader (2024)

For most newbie forex traders, the main problem is the lack of capital. If you are one of those traders, you can consider getting started with a funded platform. Just make sure you are mentally ready before taking this step as you don’t want to lose money for no reason. Getting ready is as simple as demoing, back-testing, following a mentor and getting your mind right with books. Demo by using the FTMO and passing their demo challenge for FREE before paying any money.

When you are just getting started with trading, becoming a sole trader can be a bit risky. By becoming a sole forex trader, you will be risking your own money and then learning. There will be high chances that you will end up losing your hard-earned money.

This is when the importance of funded forex platforms comes in. By using a funded forex platform, you do not have to put your own capital at risk. You will be using the firm’s capital. FTMO is one of the popular funded forex trading platforms out there.

FTMO is a forex trading platform where you can trade with the company’s capital and not yours. When becoming a forex trader, a lack of sufficient capital might be a problem for you.

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Before you trade with the company’s capital and become a trader, you must pass the evaluation process. When you sign up with FTMO, the evaluation process consists of two steps – FTMO Challenge and Verification. In this post, we will talk about how much does FTMO Challenge cost. First, let’s understand what exactly this FTMO Challenge is?

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What is FTMO Challenge?

FTMO Challenge is a crucial part of FTMO’s Evaluation process. The company has built a two-step evaluation process to find traders with the best trading strategies and skills. The company has formulated its own rules for both steps.

The first step is known as FTMO Challenge and the second step is the Verification step. The FTMO Challenge is the step that supports the funders to decide whether the trader is responsible and intelligent enough in managing the capital or not.

Although you won’t be trading with real money under this step, it still plays a crucial role. In order to move forward to the next step (i.e., the Verification step), you must fulfill all the Trading Objectives set by the firm within the given time. Depending on whether it’s FTMO Challenge or Verification step, the Trading Objectives in both the steps are different.

In order to move to the second step, you must achieve the trading objectives within 30 days of the time period. Once you successfully complete in the given time period, you can move forward to the Verification step. When you get started with FTMO, it charges money. Your question might be how much it will cost for the first step.

How Much Does FTMO Challenge Cost?

The cost for FTMO Challenge and Verification steps won’t be charged separately. The fee you will be paying for the FTMO Challenge step will cover everything, including the Verification. Besides this, the company does not charge any hidden or recurring fees from its traders. When it comes to fees and costs, the company maintains transparency by not charging any hidden fees.

When you will be starting out with the FTMO Challenge step, you will be charged €155. This will be the charge when you choose the balance of $10,000. Depending on whether you choose the balance of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000, the charges for FTMO Challenge will vary. Remember that this fee is reimbursed to you with the first profit split when you become the FTMO Trader. In a nutshell, if you have got amazing trading skills & strategies, you can start working on this trading platform for absolutely nothing.

What is the Verification step?

Another step in the Evaluation process of FTMO is the verification step. Under this step, the Trading Objectives are pretty easier than the FTMO Challenge step. Under the Verification step, you will get an increased trading period, and there will be a lower profit target. This way, passing the second stage would be a lot easier.

After the firm gets an idea about your skills & strategies in the FTMO Challenge step, the Verification step will also help with the same. Keep in mind; you won’t be charged for the Verification step separately. Whatever money you will pay in the FTMO Challenge step will include everything.

Becoming An FTMO Trader

After you successfully complete FTMO Challenge and Verification steps (the two-step evaluation process), you will become the FTMO trader. Once you become the trader on this platform, the rules will be different.

With the balance of $10,000, the maximum daily loss would be $500, and the maximum total loss will be $1,000.

By becoming an FTMO trader, you do not have to risk your money in trading. You will be using the firm’s capital.

Final Verdict

So there you have using FTMO to get funded is a great way to get started but is it the best way? Well we think they are top 3 for sure, but if you are a longer term trader or just don’t like the way you have 30 days to pass part 1 then look at our other two recommendations below. They give you 6 months and up to a year along with more funding options available over $1 million even. The costs are definitely comparable and they even have more favorable rules on passing their challenge. This includes 6% total and holding trades over weekend among other pros.

No Timeline: City Traders Imperium CTI has been around awhile their payout isn’t the best starting at 50% to 60% then up to 70% when to get to 7 figures funded. Now why would we suggest somebody with a lesser payout? Because if the company is making more money they will be much happier relaxing the rules and letting traders do what they want. You can trade during the news, hold over the weekends and take as much time up to to a year on your verification. 50k funded account will cost you around $500 USD.

Longer Timeline: 5%ers same thing they have a lesser payout at 50%, but you have to look at that they want you to succeed that much more with them paying you 50% and the upside is 7 figures again. They have been around awhile and they give you 6 months to pass the verification as well. It is a little pricier for the verification at around $875 USD, but again not as much pressure as a 60 day verification. Take your time and take the higher quality trades instead of rushing into them.

Most Reputable: FTMO FTMO has been around about the longest of the most popular prop firms. They aren’t too expensive they have different tiers which used to be only up to 100k, but now they do have a 200k. The only downside with FTMO is the rules they are very strict on things like the news and not holding trades over the weekend and such. This can make you better yes, but it can hold a lot of traders back based on their strategy and principles. We have always been low risk high reward traders so it doesn’t affect us that much.





How Much Does FTMO Challenge Cost? | Stay At Home Trader (2024)


How much does FTMO charge for trading? ›

The broker/provider charges you a transaction fee whenever you open a trade. In FTMO, commissions for currency pairs are $3/lot, for metals and equity CFDs they are based on percentage/volume. Equity CFDs have a commission of 0.0040% per lot, metal CFDs (XAG, XAU, XPT and XPD) have a commission of 0.0010% per lot.

Why is FTMO so expensive? ›

The fee covers the costs related to the FTMO Challenge provided by FTMO such as the designing, development, and operation of the FTMO platform (the technical infrastructure behind the provided educational services and applications).

What is the 5 percent rule in FTMO? ›

For a Normal risk account type, the limit is set at 5% of the initial balance. Let's take the Normal risk account with the 5% limit as an example. If you have a $200,000 FTMO Account, you must never exceed the total equity loss of $10,000 in one day.

What percentage of people fail the FTMO challenge? ›

The FTMO challenge has a reputation for being extremely difficult to pass. Across FTMO's various account levels, it is estimated that only around 10% of traders are able to successfully complete the evaluation and become a funded trader. This means approximately 90% of those who attempt the challenge end up failing.

How much is a 200k FTMO account? ›

In conclusion, the FTMO 200k account price is $485, which covers the one-time fee for the Challenge and Verification stages. Traders must also deposit a minimum of $5,000 to start trading the $200,000 account.

Does FTMO really pay? ›

In conclusion, FTMO is a reputable proprietary trading firm that pays out profits to its traders as promised. The company has a transparent and reliable payout process, and numerous positive reviews from satisfied traders attest to this.

Which is the cheapest prop firm? ›

Best cheap forex prop firms
  • FTMO: evaluations starting at $399.
  • TopStepTrader: Challenges starting at $375.
  • T4tCapital: Flexible evaluation options starting at $299.
  • Funded Trading Plus: Starting at $25.
  • Earn2Trade: $99 Mini challenge.
  • True Trading Group: $49 evaluation with a $25,000 virtual account.
Feb 27, 2024

What is the success rate of FTMO? ›

Looking at the trading statistics, it can be seen that not all days ended in profit, but overall the number of profitable days is higher than the losing ones. This is helped by a high reward to-risk ratio (RRR) of 3.52, so even with a relatively low success rate (41.67%) the trader was able to make a very good profit.

What is the biggest FTMO payout? ›

Dariusz from the USA exceeded everyone's expectations and made his dreams come true. As our FTMO Trader with a maximum allocation, he beat the previous record payout of $500,180 thanks to his profit of $1,206,225, the biggest payout in the industry!

Which broker does FTMO use? ›

MetaTrader is the most widely used program among forex traders, and that applies to FTMO traders as well. The program's environment is intuitive and straightforward, however, its modifiability gives modders space to make it even better and user-friendly.

How much does FTMO take from your profits? ›

We don't charge any commissions for withdrawals.

You don't need to score any minimum profit to receive a Profit Split, only just enough to cover the transaction fees* Whatever amount of profit you generate, you are entitled to withdraw 80% of it.

Can you hold FTMO trades overnight? ›

The Swing account is a type of account designed for more conservative traders who hold positions for more extended periods. The main difference from the Normal account type is the ability to hold positions overnight and over the weekend even after passing the Verification.

Is FTMO hard to pass? ›

There is estimated to be a 90% fail rate of traders that take the FTMO challenge. The reason behind this is due to traders chasing the profit target with a time restriction in place.

Can you get banned from FTMO? ›

If we discover identically traded strategies through various accounts, and exceeding the total of $400,000 in active FTMO Accounts, we reserve the right to suspend those accounts as per the contract.

What happens if you lose FTMO money? ›

Loss of the FTMO Trading Account: FTMO sets maximum drawdown limits that traders must adhere to. If your account balance falls below this limit due to trading losses, FTMO may terminate the trading account, and you would no longer have access to their capital.

What percentage does FTMO take? ›

We don't charge any commissions for withdrawals.

You don't need to score any minimum profit to receive a Profit Split, only just enough to cover the transaction fees* Whatever amount of profit you generate, you are entitled to withdraw 80% of it.

What is the dollar rate of FTMO? ›

Today vs. 24 hours ago
AmountToday at 7:40 am24H Change
1 FTMO$0.000412+3.87%
5 FTMO$0.0021+3.87%
10 FTMO$0.0041+3.87%
50 FTMO$0.0206+3.87%
4 more rows

How much does it cost to risk FTMO? ›

Risk per trade

How much should you be risking per one trade? In most textbooks and online education programs, you will learn that you should not be risking more than 2% per one trade. Although the answer to this is more complicated, let's start with saying that 2% risk per trade is a good base to start with.

Is FTMO free to start? ›

We offer a Free Trial account, which is an abridged version of an FTMO Challenge. The purpose of the Free Trial is to serve our new clients to see how it works and assess their trading skills to see if they have what it takes to pass an FTMO Challenge and Verification.


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