Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (2024)

With the proper trading skills and access to professional trading tools, it’s certainly possible that you can turn a small investment into a giant return. However, without access to a significant amount of capital, it’s likely that it will take you a long time to reach your trading goals.

Fortunately, that’s where a proprietary trading firm can help!

Offering funding for those who can pass their evaluation program, prop trading platforms offer skilled traders a chance to jumpstart their professional trading careers and become successful prop traders.

For those who need a bit of help, many of these proprietary firms offer training programs where newer traders can learn and perfect their trading styles.

Of course, not every trader community is created equally. Even with the most profitable trading strategies, the time it takes you to pass the evaluation stage and start trading with real money can vary quite a bit.

To help save you some time when considering the various options, we’ve compiled the list below—complete with customer prop firm reviews—to help you find the best prop trading company for you!

City Traders Imperium Reviews

Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (1)

Perfect for both the inexperienced and experienced trader, CTI is one of the few forex prop firms that offers a potential profit split up to 100% (with 70% being more realistic). The firm itself has earned a 4.8/5 score on Trustpilot since being established in 2018.

Supporting multiple trading styles (even news trading) and offering the option for instant funding with real money, CTI provides clear requirements and various educational resources to any fund traders that decide to utilize its service.

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“after i searched for a good prop funding company with simple and clear rules that have a journey to 7 figures accounts. i found cti! and so far, its perfect! hope that i found my home in trading :)” Kobi Cohen, Trustpilot

“I am 2 weeks into my psychology mentorship with Rodrigo. Using the step-by-step system, I have created a well-structured healthy routine that is interconnected with my strengths and weaknesses psychologically. After 2 years of inconsistency and exploring I finally have a tactical, specific, organized plan that I can trust.” Martin Worgan, Google

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Earn2Trade Reviews

Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (2)

Billing itself as a “trading education company” (rather than a proprietary trading company), Earn2Trade is a unique company that connects successful traders with trading firms.

Best suited for professional traders with a knack for risk management, Earn2Trade offers two paths to funding (both can technically be completed in as little as 15 days!).

Founded in 2016 and currently sitting with a 4.8/5 score on Trustpilot, this company offers traders who are capable of following its simple trading rules a streamlined path to funded trading capital.

Click here to learn about the differences between the two funding paths!

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“Earn2trade funding programs are designed to bring the best out in a trader. They may seem difficult or conservative, however, they encourage discipline and dissuade mavericks. Customer service is also top notch.” Life and Times RD, Trustpilot

“Very professional company and workers team, they responded every answer and the education videos helps a lot. Thanks 👍🏼” Rafael Torrealba, Trustpilot

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Fidelcrest Reviews

Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (3)

Founded in 2018 and proudly displaying a 4.6/5 score on Trustpilot, Fidelcrest is a proprietary trading firm that offers large profit splits to profitable traders.

Users must prove themselves as consistent traders throughout the two-stage evaluation process, which can be taken as either a “Normal” or “Aggressive” account.

With zero minimum trading days and access to a wide variety of asset types (including stocks, forex, and crypto!), Fidelcrest offers better, faster access to the financial markets than your average prop firm.

To learn more about its unique offerings, click here!

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“Positive experience, yesterday I received my first payment only a few days after the ‘closing of the period’, so efficient” Stefania, Trustpilot

“this is an amazing experience for any to take there careers to the next level for beginners and experienced trades. I love the fact that they have copy trades, bigger draw down percentages and faster withdrawal options.” Dennishia Daniels, Trustpilot

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FTMO Reviews

Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (4)

Perfect for forex, crypto, and futures trading, FTMO is a prop trading company that gives seasoned traders the opportunity to enjoy trading profit splits of up to 90% on funded accounts as high as $400k!

After paying a one-time payment, interested traders can begin the two-step evaluation process on the road to serious funding. FTMO even offers a free trial account for those who are intrigued but unwilling to whip out their wallets just yet.

Founded in 2014 with a 4.9/5 score on Trustpilot, FTMO is a classic prop firm that’s worth checking out!

You can learn more about the platform by clicking here.

“I was super excited when I received my first profit split of 80%. In addition, I received the initial fee I paid when I was attempting the challenge. This is all the proof I need to know that I am dealing with a legitimate company. FTMO is not a scam! Give it a shot.” – Anthony Bishop, Trustpilot

“Great experience with FTMO, customer service is amazing. Response time is really quick with payouts

I received mine the same day mostly and I never have to ask when will I receive a profit split. They always reach out you to you first if there’s any issues. Really great Company and planing to trade with them for a good while. This is the best way to get funded and start your trading journey.”Ryan Gibbs, Trustpilot

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OneUp Trader Reviews

Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (5)

With the motto that “slow and steady wins the race”, OneUp Trader is a prop firm that offers an unrestricted trading schedule and generous time limits to its traders.

With initial capital amounts ranging from $25k to $250k, excellent customer service, and a social dashboard where you can connect with fellow traders, OneUp Trader is a straightforward prop firm that’s been around since 2016.

Currently sitting with a 4.7/5 score on Trustpilot, you can literally test this platform out risk-free for yourself by taking advantage of its 7-day free trial here!

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“OneUp trader has established a great non toxic community for traders. They have excellent and friendly customer service representatives. They’re fair and give aspiring traders an opportunity for a great and rewarding partnership.” Ly Freeman, Trustpilot

“Great experience with OneUp Trader. I really appreciate their customer support. They are quick to respond to any questions and are very helpful in general. I like that OneUp has a platform for tracking your trades on a daily basis. I really like that there are no data fees for funded accounts. Most of all, I like the way they handle payouts for funded accounts. The goal is to make money and get paid. OneUp does this better than the rest. They get it!” Casey, Trustpilot

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SurgeTrader Reviews

Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (6)

Founded in 2021, SurgeTrader is a newcomer to the prop trading world. As such, it offers some nice changes from the alternatives, with uniform trading conditions and predictable profit splits being a few of the highlights.

The daily loss limit of 4% makes this platform best suited for more advanced investors, as does the maximum funding of $1 million USD.

However, if you consider yourself an above-average trader and would like to start really raking in the profits on a relatively new platform, SurgeTrader could be the prop firm you’ve been waiting for!

Click here to find out more!

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“First, the audition cost me about $200 each time; yes, I did it multiple times. Yes, I could have used one of those free demo accounts, but these have no structure and no rules. I needed a place that held me accountable while testing out different strategies. And Surge did just that. If I tried a trade without a stop loss or went cray with size, I would get taken out of the trade, so it forced me to always use a stop and think about the risk-to-reward ratio, and in the long run, I think I learned well and looking forward to the future in my fully funded Surge account.” Trevor Daniel, Trustpilot

“I’ve been learning to trade for years and after putting the knowledge I’ve built to the test and passed my audition. There are a few prop trading firms I belong to that are legit and good but surgetrader is top of my list.” Jason Jobe, Trustpilot

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TopStep Trader Reviews

Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (7)

Perfect for the beginner who wants to become a successful trader trading futures, TopStep Trader is another classic prop firm with an emphasis on trader education.

This platform only supports futures trading, which means that alternative options—like trading forex—are off the table. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as being limited to one asset type will help newer traders develop a consistent, reliable type of trading strategy.

Offering courses, live classes, and even the opportunity to watch professionals trade live, we think TopStep Trader is the best option for newer day traders who want to make their living trading futures.

To learn about all the different things TopStep Trader has to offer, click here!

Save 20% via our exclusive link!

“Eddie is a great coach at Topstep! Don’t mean to toot his Horn, but he really is a people person. I was able to let my guard down and listen. When he speaks its with control and patience, that of a wise person.

The overall support from Topstep is A+. Thank you guys for the continued support!” Anthony, Trustpilot

“Great support and great experience! The whole program is designed to make you a better trader. The rules are crystal clear and make you hold yourself accountable. There are plenty of resources available to support your trading and a great community to interact with. I strongly recommend Topstep!” Jan, Trustpilot

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Finding the Right Prop Trading Firm

As you can see, there are many different prop firm platforms for you to choose from. Each offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Some may offer expansive funded trading accounts for successful trades (which is arguably one of the main advantages of prop trading). Others might give you unlimited time to pass the evaluation, but start you out with a relatively modest initial account balance.

There are also the various types of prop trading to consider: are you looking to find the most profitable forex pair, or are options more your style?

Regardless of which route you decide to take, the end goal is the same. Thousands of traders have already received funding and started raking in the profits, so what’s stopping you? Pick your service and take the first step towards your successful trading career today!

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Prop Firm Reviews: Which Platforms Come Out on Top? (2024)


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