9 Best Money Saving Channels on YouTube (2024)

9 Best Money Saving Channels on YouTube (1)

What don't you use YouTube for? From learning how to reseal your kitchen sink to entertaining yourself with weird cat videos, YouTube has it all. YouTube can also help you save money, and I'm not just talking about saving money onfree workout videos or cooking lessons, though those are also great ways to save big.

There are several money-saving gurus on YouTube, and their channels are full of moneymaking tips and advice and hacks on how to live frugally. Here are just a few of my favorites. (See also:15 Free Ways to Learn Something New)

1. Do It On a Dime

If you love organizational tips, Dollar Tree hacks, and affordable home décor DIYs, then this is the channel for you. Kathryn fromDo It On a Dime has hundreds of videos that are fun to watch and provide practical, everyday tips to save money and organize on a budget, as well as recipes and crafts that are inexpensive. She also has acomplementary blog where she uploads free printables for budgeting and organizing.

2. Fun Cheap or Free

If you ever watched TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, you might have seen Jordan Page as one of the first guests on the show. Jordan Page has a huge personality and her YouTube channelFunCheapOrFree has great saving tips for all areas of your life. Jordan also posts money-saving videos on a collab channel,Millennial Moms. From how to cut boys' hair yourself, to making money with chicken, to taking pictures of all of your receipts so you are never without it when you make a return, you will be entertained thoroughly by all of Jordan's frugal hacks and ideas.

3. The Encouraging Homeschool Mom

Jamerrill Stewart is a mom of seven children and used Dave Ramsey's book to get her family out of debt many years ago. Now, she posts videos on her channelThe Encouraging Homeschool Mom, on how she clothes her whole family with thrift store finds and feeds them all for under $200 a week through once-a-month shopping. She also has many videos on home schooling and encouragement. She is a sweet soul who will resonate with many mom viewers.Her blog is also full of free or affordable home schooling deals.

4. The Krazy Coupon Lady

You will find fun and engaging videos on how to save from best-selling authors and bloggers, Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer. They are the two women behinThe Krazy Coupon Lady.Their YouTube channel is also full of specific money-saving strategies for certain stores and websites.

5. Hip2Save

Love coupon deals and breakdowns but have a hard time keeping up with them? TheHip 2 Save channel with Collin Morgan uploads the best deals of the week, as well as how to save money at Target. Her DIY videos will also inspire you to make your own Larabars and gift closet.

6. Exploring Alternatives

Mat and Danielle are minimalist nomads who enjoy long-term travel and living in their camper van. Their channel,Exploring Alternatives, offers interesting videos on the extreme side. You will find stories of individuals ditching their mortgage payment to pursue a house on wheels and even a family of five living in a one-bedroom apartment to save money. Along with other people's extreme stories, Mat and Danielle post their tips for downsizing and living minimally. (See also:Lessons in Simple Living From Extreme Minimalists)

7. Thriving Minimalist

Thriving Minimalist is another channel for those who love a good, extreme money-saving story. Conor McMillen quit his job and found his passion and health after his wife left him. This channel is more interesting than anything, although you might glean some helpful tips on how to become more minimalist minded in your life.

8. ClutterBug

Cas is a stay-at-home mom that turned her clutter into a clean home (and a profitable YouTube channel). Her channelClutterBug offers cleaning and organizational tips, along with ways to save money. She even has Pottery Barn and other easy DIY hacks.

9. Brian Tracy

It is no secret that I loveBrian Tracy and his uplifting personal and career advice. You can find his advice on many financial and personal matters on YouTube. I am especially a fan of his time management and goal setting advice. (See also:6 Pearls of Career Wisdom From Brian Tracy)

Sure, you can use YouTube for entertainment, but why not take advantage of the great money-saving vloggers, too? YouTube is a great resource for learning almost anything for free.

What are your favorite channels or vloggers on YouTube?

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9 Best Money Saving Channels on YouTube (3)

9 Best Money Saving Channels on YouTube (2024)


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